Gild Community

The Gild community is an international community aimed at decision makers and opinion formers. Sectors include Technology, Finance, Media, Politics, Medicine, Design and beyond...

People who want access to trusted information and quality connections.

The Gild website will deliver the business equivalent of a trusted social networking site. To be a member you have to be invited and to be invited you need to be referred.

The Gild website will comprise 3 sites

  1. Gild info – clubhouse and facilities and membership details, events bookable on-line, news and local information in the home languages plus english. Coming Soon
  2. Gild connections – 'my Gild', directory of services, forums, preferences, as much interaction with fellow Gild members as you want. Coming Soon
  3. Gild magazine – an on-line magazine aimed at the international businessperson, full of information and original articles written by world leading journalists and writers, on topics of interest. Coming Soon